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Colloquium Cambridge England

Colloque : Les espaces du livre : supports et acteurs de la création texte/image (XXe-XXIe siècles)

Trinity College, Cambridge, 6 et 7 septembre 2013

Featured book Oaths? Questions?

Conference on the entire arts practice - studio

Conference on the entire arts practice - bio

On April 11-12 Symposium at Université Paris Est confers to discuss the entire range of the arts practice of Marjorie Welish.

Radio 22, La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, FRANCE

Oaths? Questions? contributed to Believe Half of What You See And None of What You Hear project was conceived by Georgia Kotretsos, as part of the exhibition Sous nos yeux (part 1) curated by Abdellah Karroumat La Kunsthalle of Mulhouse, in collaboration with the University Haute-Alsace (SUAC) and Radio Campus Mulhouse.

Werner Kramarsky lends a work on paper to a show being organized by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for their 64th Street Outpatient Center spaces. The exhibition is titled ArtSpace64: Natural Elements, opening January 10, 2013


Selected by Raphael Rubinstein for a feature in Art in America, July-August, 2013, is a painting from the series “Indecidability of the Sign: Frame,” to be seen in conjunction with a poem “In the Name of Studio.”

photo credit: Becket Logan

A Guide to Poetics Journal
Writing in the Expanded Field,

Lyn Hejinian, ed.; Barrett Watten, ed.


Poetics Journal Digital Archive
Lyn Hejinian, ed.; Barrett Watten, ed.

The Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry

in English

Second Edition

Edited by Jeremy Noel-Tod and Ian Hamilton


Art selected for book covers may be found for: